15 May 2014

AMP finishes its' 50th job

27 July 2014

Facebook Site Launches


01 April 2014

AMP takes a chance on itself and sets out on its' own.

Your Ideas

Choosing the right graphic designer to help bring your thoughts to life is not always easy. Sometimes a simple visit and a well outlined plan is the best way to tackle such a feat. Being as specific and honest about your thoughts and desires for the project at hand is the best way to ensure you receive the desired outcome.

Providing you with the ability to project your thoughts into reality. 


Since our company covers such a broad range of products, from business cards to banners and from photo restoration to CD covers and event tents, our strategy is to talk with our customers and help them to reach what it is they are aiming for.



Expanding your business with your business in mind.

Things to think about

  • Design
  • Print
  • Logo
  • Branding
  • Promotional
  • Full Custom Work


Choosing the right color to represent your company is a big deal. We like to inform our customers that there are two options when it comes to achieving a certain color. Spot colors are a great way to ensure an exact match. But when printing, using spot colors can be pricey. On the other hand, using a CMYK version of a spot color is less expensive but not as accurate.

Template & Bleed

When sending in artwork, if the image is to print to the edge of the paper, adding extra, disposable image area is best. A 1/8th inch bleed (extra image) is preferred. If the customer is concerned about important information being cut off, it is best to keep that information away from the cut edge.